Flight Training Device (Simulator) Design

Design an open source flight training device that anybody can assemble from internet sourced parts.

Design and collaboration with FREE versions of Autodesk Fusion360 and Eagle PCB design software.

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Prototype with Open Source automation tools such as 3D printers and MPCNC (Mostly Printed CNC) machines. Tooling cost of less than $1000.

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Production can be done by an individual with home machines that cost under $1000, or parts can be inexpensively ordered from online manufacturers, and dropped on the builders doorstep!

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Years ago, desktop flight simulation was of little use, if any, in primary flight instruction. It had some use in instrument training, but that was largely ignored.

That has ALL Changed. Realistic flight models, navigation, online Air Traffic Controllers and hardware integration has made desktop flight simulation a useful, if not indispensable training tool, by:

The Open Source Flight Training Device project aims to put flight simulation in the mainstream of flight training.

Cutting costs

Improving retention and muscle memory

Enhancing safety

Having fun!


Get involved!

The project is looking for tech-minded type people that are interested in or have experience (NOT necessary!) in...

3D CAD\Design, Electronics\circuit design\assembly, Robotics, 3D printing, CNC operation, graphic design, flight training and more!

An interest in learning is the only requirement.