Ron Craighead

I've been an aviation enthusiast as long as I can remember. I've been flying full size airplanes for about a decade, but I have been flying simulators since they were wire frame, and models since they spun around me on strings! I have a Private Pilot certificate and an instrument rating, as well as a Ground Instructor certificate (Advanced)


I also love technology, people and sharing the experience of flight. I would like to make the flight training experience more accessable and less expensive, and be able to share aviation with the next generation without spending $100+ per hour doing it. Hence the simulator.

Meet the Team

At the moment, the "Team" is a collection of friends, family, flight instructors and people I know on the web. That's how open source works. I am inviting anyone who is interested in helping, with all kinds of things from technical, web design, curriculum development, and more!


Beth Boyd-Craighead

Tool and prototype fabrication

The coolest chick I know, and my wife too! She loves making stuff, working with her hands and LEARNING. She has an MBA and a cool set of tools...


John Craighead


A regular at the "HackerSpace" in Santa Barbara, California, he has experience in 3D printing and Hollywood prop design and construction.


Daniel Wotring

Flight Instructor/Consultant

Daniel is the owner and Chief Flight Instructor at Aviator Flight Training in Upland, California. A masterful CFI that specializes in classic aircraft, he is always looking for a way to improve the flight training experience.

Can I help, or can I make one of these things?

People interested in building a sim, current cockpit builders, nerdy types that like CNC machines, people who like art, actual pilots (yeah, even them!) and simulator nuts are all helpful in the effort! Feel free to lurk in the forums, and chime in if you have anything to contribute!