The Open Source Flight Training Device project is a community effort to design and build flight training device kits for use by real student pilots and flight training professionals.

What is the goal of the OSFTD project?

The goal of the project is to create a community designed flight simulator kit that has the following characteristics:

Realistic flight model, scenery, navigation aids and more. A realistic world to operate in (X-Plane 11.30+ and plugins\Addons)

Hardware that mimics the look and feel of actual general aviation cockpit instruments and avionics.

Live Air Traffic Control (PilotEdge. )

Integration with Electronic Flight Bag tablets and applications (ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot and more)

A flight training syllabus and video training program based on FAA regulations, publications and the Airman Certification Standards. This includes community created content as well as the 'Training Rating' program on PilotEdge.

How difficult will it be to build the simulator?

The goal is to develop a simulator that can be assembled from a series of 'Kits' ordered online, with the use of general hand tools. Soldering skills will be required until some enterprising person decides to offer and sell pre-soldered kits and cable sets that are plug and play.

What will it cost?

The goal is to limit the cost of a complete kit, which includes Flight controls (Yoke, throttle, rudder pedals), six pack instrument panels with working knobs, radio stack with audio panel, radios, GPS, Transponder and Autopilot to $1500.00 US. This does not include the computer and monitor that will run the simulator. If you already have one that has the power and graphics that can run games, great. If not, the budget for that PC should be about $1000, but of course the sky is the limit on price! A PC can be built for 800-900 that will do the job, however.