X-Plane 11

Consumer or Commercial flight simulation software. Uses 'Blade Element Theory', turning your computer in to a flight physics simulator.


SimVim Cockpit

Integrates Arduino microcontrollers and a wide range of hardware in to your simulator. Pre-written plugins and firmware do all the hard work!



Displays flight instruments on a flat screen monitor using an open source Raspberry PI 3B single board computer. An overlay with knobs and encoders makes this a beautiful, realistic setup.


3D Printed avionics panels

Printed to replicate the look and feel of a real radio\instrument\GPS (prototype shown) or transponder, the student turns real knobs, pushes real buttons and flips real switches. "Negative transfer" is minimized and the student gets aclimated to the pilot workload they would face in the ATC system when things get busy!

Fly over REAL(istic) scenery

Scenery is built from Satellite imagery. If your house has a red roof in reality, it does in the sim as well. The view is amazing, and students can actually learn how to use landmarks to navigate... Pilotage and dead reckoning for the win!


Dig further in the forums and blogs for more tech info!

Each technology used will be explained, discussed and evolved in to an amazing training experience!